The Prospectors story begins with the health-conscious, entrepreneurial vision of two childhood friends from Grand Rapids, Mich.

As a Type-1 diabetic, David Wentworth always struggled to find refreshing, caffeinated beverages without high amounts of sugar or other sweeteners. After reading about an emerging method of making iced coffee during one hot summer in 2013, he started experimenting with making cold brew coffee at home.

This newfound passion for homebrewing and the growing cold brew trend didn’t go unnoticed by his longtime friend Eric Pearson. While on a business trip in California, Eric came across numerous cold brews available on the West Coast. He quickly gathered up a box of samples and shipped them overnight to David.

Realizing the untapped potential of cold brew coffee in the Midwest, the two friends formed Prospectors and got right to work crafting a recipe for cold brew coffee like no other by using a key ingredient – mint – to give coffee lovers a surprisingly sweet, refreshing and lower calorie cold brew with a swift kick of caffeine.

Today, Prospectors’ organic, plant-based, gluten-free, low-calorie cold brew coffee and latte products are available at retailers across the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. Rooted in friendship and driven by hard work and innovation, Prospectors offers a truly unique cold coffee experience that is all-natural, locally sourced and passionately hand-crafted in Michigan.